Dressed for Good

When we see people in cosplay, dressed up as their favorite anime, comic book or TV series characters, we might think of adults in advanced Halloween costumes. But with “Causeplay” dressing up as another person or inhabiting their role becomes a way of inhabiting their very experience. By becoming that person for a moment, we can empathize with those (perhaps misunderstood outsiders) who are different from ourselves.

As the lines between work, play, and policy continue to blur, Causeplay will increasingly expand beyond dedicated events into the every day. Social change is a quiet rumble that can start in the simplest of ways – even from your closet. When we challenge the norm, we invite criticism – and fuel activism. Ask yourself, what do you stand for today?

Our report examines:

• The uniform as costume and lightning rod
• Digital worlds and VR empathy
• Analog causeplay, LARPers and activism

15 pp., 9 Elements of Culture, 6 Key Takeaways

About Culture Bursts

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