Extreme Povenance

An object’s provenance – where it’s from, what its history is, who owned it – gives it a special value. But provenance has gone mass market, and uniqueness now has to be more extreme. In a time when it’s more and more difficult to be heard amongst all the noise, Extreme Provenance reclaims that magical connection to the authentically unique.

Our Extreme Provenance report provides insights into the changing cultural landscape to help you create products and messages your audience will feel connected to and desire.

Our report examines:

• The ways that collection and memory are affecting what we think of as "valuable"
• How the locavore movement has conquered new territories
• Rethinking retail spaces with vintage touches
• The microbiome and health
• Sustainability, pollution and the premiumization of natural elements

14 pp., 9 Elements of Culture, 7 Key Takeaways

About Culture Bursts

sparks & honey’s Culture Bursts are brief trend reports that open minds and create possibilities for you and your business. Bursts explore the fringes of culture, identifying key drivers of consumer behavior and contextualizing them against sparks & honey’s proprietary trends methodology: The Elements of Culture. Always provocative, incredibly current and with an eye on the future, Culture Bursts are a moment of clarity in an increasingly complex world. 

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