Gen X @ 50

Gen X were the slackers, the latchkey kids, the middle child generation. Caught between Boomers and Millennials, they were neglected and ignored by marketers – and everyone else. “I’m a loser, baby,” sang Beck, and everyone listened.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Gen X at 50... They became the center, the influencers. You’re just not paying attention.

Xers made money. They became the C-suite. They were elected into office. All while taking care of their Millennial and Gen Z children, and helping their Boomer parents care for themselves. They hold the purse strings, they control policy, all from the middle out.

Their cultural impact is being felt in increasingly powerful waves, and targeting them means targeting, well, everyone. Ignore them at your peril.

Find out how your brand can slice into the Gen X tide. 

Our report examines:

• An aging and economically powerful Generation X that continues to transform business and commerce
• The influence Xers have on Millennials and Boomers, and how by targeting X you can reach everyone
• Cultural misconceptions to know and avoid when building products, services and content 
• How to engage with Xer's startup and entrepreneurial mentality 
• The modern family structure and the strong characteristic connections between Xers and Gen Z
• A look into the future of Gen X, from politics and health to lifestyle and finance


For this report, sparks & honey conducted US-focused research concerning the future of work, money, technology and political involvement for Gen X, as they move into the next decade. Using new social listening tools, we gauged Gen X’s affinity for policy change and entertainment platforms, and uncovered trends in digital communication practices and purchasing habits. Tapping into our global scout network and proprietary cultural intelligence system, we combed through thousands of signals to build a vision of Gen X at 50: past, present and future.

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