Horror Comedy

Laughing Through the Pain

Horror Comedy reflects the fears of our times: the ever-present threat of violence, the polarization of ideologies, the dramatic redefinition of once clear categories of gender, community, families, and even humanity itself. 

Horror Comedy uses the enticement of the playful to draw us into uncomfortable spaces, then turns our gaze to the things we fear, those absurdities of life that we must address or else risk losing ourselves entirely. It’s shocking, but cathartic. It’s the last stab at grabbing attention in a mess of overstimulation and confusion.

Our “Horror Comedy” report provides insights into the changing cultural landscape to help you create products and messages your audience will pay attention to.

Our report examines:

• How the once taboo is being embraced as mainstream content
• The new genre of absurd tutorials
• Virtual Reality and social media filters 
• The need to destroy what we love

13 pp., 9 Elements of Culture, 5 Key Takeaways

About Culture Bursts

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