Microbiome: Mapping our Invisible World

The Dirt on Clean

It’s time to stop scrubbing and start rolling around in dirt. The pendulum is swinging away from an obsession with cleanliness to embracing its opposite: dirt, bacteria and even feces. The FDA has banned soaps with antibacterial properties. Hyper-cleanliness is becoming as bad for our bodies as it is for the air we breathe. 

With our renewed interest in holistic therapies, a mistrust of big medicine, and all the wearables to quantify the rhythm of our internal ecosystems, we’re a culture ripe for ripeness.

While scientists figure it all out, it’s time for our culture, from food to beauty and health – and even urban planning – to tap into the market of our individual and collective community of microorganisms. By embracing the microbiome, we turn something we take for granted every day into a luxury: dirt. The cleanest dirt, that is.

Our report examines:

• Asthma, allergies and the Amish
• Health, illnesses and bacteriophages
• Skin, bees and what you really share with your neighbors

12 pp., 9 Elements of Culture, 5 Key Takeaways

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