More or Less

Minimalism, Maximalism, and Peak Everything

Minimalism and maximalism define all contemporary aesthetics, visible from fashion to beauty and food to packaging. Minimalism translates a paired down aesthetic into aspiration, while Maximalism celebrates abundance, in layers, patterns, and excess of all kinds. These tensions are a response to an overload of images, choices, information, including gender fluidity and fluctuations in the economy.

When we’re at peak everything, who do we trust? How do we make decisions? We might crave minimalism in the form of uniform dressing, a simple makeup routine or food with few ingredients or additives. Or, the maximalism no-rules approach of an extravagant high-low fashion mashup, a glitter lip with a rainbow eyebrow, or the intensity of an elaborately packaged tortilla chip dusted with the hottest pepper known to man.

Understanding the nuances of restraint and excess and how they can overlap will allow you to tailor your messaging, activations and packaging choices for maximal – or minimal – impact.

Our report examines:

• The no makeup look and “lightbeating” vs rainbow and glitter everything
• Natural and unnatural, diversity on the runway, and muted palettes vs color explosions
• Packaging, food, and shocking awake the senses

16 pp., 9 Elements of Culture, 6 Key Takeaways

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