When we’re children, play and its freedom, experimentation and joy infuses everything we do. Its intrinsic benefit is that it’s fun; its extrinsic benefits are just icing on the cake. Gamification, an attempt to bring game mechanics into business, encouraged us to gamify everything: to-do lists, fitness routines, checking in on an app. But gamification still prioritized end results, when what we’re really hungry for is play: the objectless, free-form and sometimes nostalgic space to explore and have fun.

Playsuasion breaks that model, examining the elements of playfulness to delight, engage and persuade, acknowledging that we never grow out of our need for play. Playsuasion removes gamification’s emphasis on extrinsic motivation, and focuses instead on play’s genius at combining both intrinsic motivation with extrinsic results.

Today, in order to persuade, you need to playsuade.

Our report examines:

• How color and texture affect our perceptions and promote creatvity and engagement
• The way technology is reshaping communication and educational norms
• The trend of seeking out the imperfect and transforming it into the aspirational 
• How the gender spectrum can influence decision-making
• Collection, food mashups, tedius content, nostalgia, and even adult toys


For this report, sparks & honey tapped in to our global scout network and proprietary cultural intelligence system, combing through thousands of signals to build a vision of the impact of play on work, education, product design, content strategy and organizational principles.

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