Premium Friction

Getting Bored with Getting Everything

In an era when shoppable runways and UberRush delivery has made possible low-friction access to products, waiting has new cultural cachet. If immediacy is becoming a universal expectation, it stands to reason that premium products and experiences will demand that we slow down in ways not everyone can afford.

Taking time, even if it requires and extra step, struggle or genuine thoughtfulness, is a commodity we can give ourselves and each other. But for much of the world’s population struggling to stay afloat the luxury of time will remain out of reach, and adding in friction will the new premium.

Our report examines:

• Artificial scarcity and third-party solutions to resource gaps
• Engineering effort to build unique consumer experiences
• Building instant social currency from extended IRL endeavors

12 pp., 6 Elements of Culture, 5 Key Takeaways

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