The New Death

The Immortality of Our Things and Ourselves

What happens to everything after it dies? Our lives and what we create and consume are part of a greater chain connecting us to the world and one another. Fueled by this awareness, a new openness about death is on the rise, and that includes the impact we have on the planet while we’re here and gone.

And while we may physically die, our digital footprints will live on. As we continue to negotiate our digital afterlife, we’re more and more concerned with material immortality: recycling, reusing, and repurposing, the trend of Waste Positivity. 

Our report examines:

• Recycling everything, from plastics to air to sneakers.
• The rise of death celebrations, from memento mori to post-mortem photography
• How we give life to inanimate objects, and the ways we consdier their deaths.
• Living forever and the age of digital immortality

13 pp., 9 Elements of Culture, 5 Key Takeaways

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