The New Language of Gender

Gender used to be viewed through binary terms: male and female, masculine and feminine. But the new language of gender deconstructs that binary in favor of blurred, fluid identities across a gender spectrum. To be culturally literate now demands knowing how to speak the new language of gender and understanding its nuances. With this report, we’re helping everyone from creators to brands and organizations do so.

This report is a guide to the new language of gender, providing you with the tools to understand the rapidly changing cultural landscape of gender.

"a thought bomb"  – The Advocate

Our report features

• The cultural shifts in gender impacting our world today, shown through memes, viral videos, trends, products and mainstream and fringe signals

• The specific definitions and differences between terms like sex, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation

• The massive implications of the gender revolution across all areas of society: law, politics, design, art, architecture, healthcare, fashion, beauty and beyond

65pp, 18 illustrations


For this report, sparks & honey reviewed important texts, films and legal milestones. Using new social listening tools, we gauged energy and sentiment across media channels around the language of gender. And using our proprietary cultural intelligence system, we identified the mainstream and fringe signals driving the cultural shifts in gender to determine how we’ll be communicating, living and remaking gender now and in the future.

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