The Open Manifesto

A Call To Arms For Open Business.

At sparks & honey we believe that in an always-on, fast-moving world, it is business critical to let the outside in, and in this age of exponential change, no one can do it alone. Now is the time for organizations, to recognize that progress, collaboration, and transparency are fundamental to the kind of success that puts business and society on the same page.

Pioneering organizations will begin the Open Business Journey.

Simply said, we will move away from the conventions that built big business in the pre-digital age. These conventions prioritized working behind closed doors and concentrated corporate assets over radical transparency, real-time collaboration, and shared assets.

Being open is already transforming business and changing it for good. The journey begins with understanding the signals around us and letting them illuminate a new, open future. Today, we are experiencing the emergence of the tension between closed and open business, but momentum is coalescing around Open principles.

We believe that open organizations are better at aligning their values with those of the stakeholders that ultimately drive their business. As an open agency, we want to rally organizations of all sizes to begin their journey towards openness. To start, we have created THE OPEN MANIFESTO.

In the spirit of transparency and co-creation, we are sharing our manifesto with you. It is yours to use, adapt,build upon, and share. It is a small step in starting your journey.

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