UnMoney: The Value of Everything

Imagine a future where you don’t have to think about money. Got it? Well you’re probably thinking about it the wrong way. Because today, right now, money isn’t real.

That bill you can hold in your hand is simply a representation of a transaction about to take place, completely dependent upon our belief that it has a value. We believe wholeheartedly that a piece of paper can be exchanged for a cup of coffee or a microwave oven. But, when we strip away our dependence on this concept of “money”, and the physicality of its exchange, what remains in the pure transaction. A transaction of value. 

This report unpacks how our very concept of money is evolving, and describes how the system designed to manage its movement is ripe for disruption. This shift will create immediate opportunities for brands to connect with consumers as not only participants, but partners in modern culture.

Our report examines:

• The concept of value beyond traditional financial notions

• How value hinges upon trust, and the way trust is driving disruption

• Tech startups and small group communities working together to challenge the way we’re paying for our lives 

• Peer to peer exchanges, dying middlemen and algorithmic security 

• New asset classes and a working vision of the Internet of Things

49 pp., 23 illustrations

Our report points to the near future, where every person, place, and thing has a measurable value that can be exchanged intangibly, rapidly, securely, and most importantly, directly. It’s a system where abstract notions like social currency have a value that can be transacted in the same way that we now buy a cup of coffee. It’s a system that can empower a planet where every single device, every head of lettuce, every drop of fuel, every road and cable that make up our infrastructure have a value not only in and of itself, but also in the context of its use.

Meet your new value system, or the future of money. UnMoney. 

For this report, sparks & honey conducted research and interviewed experts at DevCon1 in London (2015) and the Scaling Bitcoin Workshop in Hong Kong (2015). Using new social listening tools, we gauged public sentiment around the disruption of established currencies and financial systems. And tapping into our global scout network and proprietary cultural intelligence system, we combed through thousands of signals to build a vision of the future of value in an unmonied world.

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